Dr Ida Wilson: Consultant - Crop health

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I am a specialist in plant protection, with particular interest in plant disease management. I hold BSc., BSc. Honors and MSc. (cum laude) degrees from the University of the Free State, and a PhD. (Plant pathology) from the University of Pretoria. During my studies, and throughout my career to date, I have had the honour of receiving 14 academic awards, including academic honorary colours from both the University of the Free State and the University of Pretoria. Notably, I was also awarded a Spit-site Commonwealth Scholarship that allowed me to conduct some of my PhD research work in the UK.


I believe knowledge from research must be transferred to stakeholders as top priority. I am the author of 54 industry reports and of more than 50 other written contributions to the agricultural industry. In addition, I delivered 70 seminars nationally and internationally, of which 50 were upon invitation. Moreover, since May 2016, I have regularly been giving interviews on radio and have delivered more than nine hours of content, on plant diseases and their management, to a national South African agricultural radio station. 


I believe that relevant and cutting edge scientific information must be harnessed when making recommendations for plant disease management. Knowledge about the identification of plant diseases and their management can make a significant contribution to sustainable crop production. For those who work in agriculture, the challenge of securing food in future for a rapidly growing population is great. My goal is to dedicate myself to empowering producers, agro-chemical companies and other stakeholders alike to reduce potential risks due to plant diseases and thereby support sustainable food production in future.

Ida Wilson 

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